chapter  7
Electronic Attachments: Desire, the Other, and the Internet Marital Trade in the 21st Century
ByAnna M. Agathangelou, Kyle D. Killian
Pages 34

First, we examine the medium of the Internet, which allows individuals to virtually connect, and the economies of seduction and desire (see Agathangelou, 2002, 2004). Second, we discuss electronic couple attachments; that is, attachments that are initiated through the Internet, a technology that seems to “transcend” racial, ethnic, national, and state borders, the crossing of which was once quite transgressive. We discuss the now commonplace occurrence of such border openings and the titillation and

seduction associated with a simple Internet chat that could develop into something big. Third, we argue that the sundering of borders does not evade the sexualizing and racializing of bodies but can reinscribe people within racial and sexual architectures and matrices of violence and recolonization. In the crossing of borders to seek sexual intimacies, people do not pass just any borders and do not choose just any people. We argue that in a context of rapid technological development, electronic “love connections” highlight significant pressures of the contradictory registers of domestic and national, national and international, and, within these spaces, racialized, gendered, and sexualized relations. Our intervention articulates the shifts and disruptions that become possible through the crossing of these borders.