chapter  1
A Systems Theory Analysis of Intercultural Couple Relationships
ByPaul C. Rosenblatt
Pages 18

Intercultural couples develop their own intricate, multilayered systems, and they are affected by the many other systems in which they are embedded, including their families and cultures of origin and an assortment of other economic, legal, political, and social systems. The systemic complexities in the life of any particular intercultural couple are so great that to try to identify and analyze the full range of systemic issues for intercultural couples is nearly impossible. But there are some key areas of system dynamics that are of great importance to many intercultural couples and, in this chapter, I focus on three such areas that are central to the lives of large numbers of intercultural couples: (a) key aspects of the ecosystem in which the couple lives; (b) interpersonal power in the couple relationship; and (c) changes in couple system dynamics as the relationship evolves over time.