chapter  8
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Attention and Usability in Internet Surveys: Effects of Visual Feedback in Grid Questions 1

WithLars Kaczmirek

Visual design is an integral part of constructing a self-administered questionnaire. Several guidelines have been proposed to help design or redesign surveys with a focus on visual design principles. An experiment was conducted to reach a decision about the best possible implementation of visual feedback in grid questions. Specific feedback implementations should be tested because they can even have negative effects on data quality. The chapter describes which feedback techniques are currently used to help select an answer and summarizes the literature and research. It outlines the hypotheses, design, and implementation of the conducted study. The chapter provides a discussion of the results and reviews the strengths and weaknesses of different feedback types. Regarding external validity, the study has advantages in terms of a probability-based sample of the population of the Netherlands irrespective of Internet penetration, a benefit many experimental Internet studies lack.