chapter  36
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Advancing Health Communication Research: Issues and Controversies in Research Design and Data Analysis

ByMichael T. Stephenson, Brian G. Southwell, Marco Yzer

We have seen remarkable growth in the amount of health communication literature over the past decade. Recent editorial experiences at two of the leading journals in this areaHealth Communication and the Journal of Health Communication-illustrate this point. Health Communication began its run in 1989 with four issues; today, it publishes eight issues and recently increased the physical size of the journal yet again so that more articles could be included in each issue. In 1996, Journal of Health Communication had only four issues per volume; in 2009 it published eight. Despite the increase, the acceptance rates have remained low. Indeed, researchers are more likely than ever now to label their work as being relevant to “health communication” while more and more researchers are attempting to contribute to the literature.