chapter  5
The Hero’s Excesses
Pages 11

This part of the study deals with the hero’s negative exploitation or reference to the supernatural, which can lead to his downfall. We have here the specifi c case of Mwindo who fi ghts against the gods and divinities that are supposed to protect him. He is ungrateful is “vis a vis” Nkuba in fi ghting him, and he brutalizes Muisa, and defeats Sheburungu in the wiki game. We need to remember that Nkuba is a double-sided character, as he fi rst takes sides with Mwindo’s enemies with no avails. Then, Nkuba becomes Mwindo’s ally in his most critical confrontations; for example when Mwindo fi ghts against divinities like Muisa and Sheruburungu. Also, when Mwindo fi ghts the entire village of Tubondo for giving hospitality to his father Shemwindo, he calls upon the lightening god Nkuba to help him. The latter send down seven lightning fl ashes that reduce the entire village of Tubondo into dust.