chapter  2
The Role and Function of the Supernatural
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Other ritualist scholars like Jane E. Harrison (1912), A.B. Cook (1914), Lord Ragland (1936) and Stanley E. Hyman (1955), all agree with Frazer that myths come from rituals. In the fi eld of traditional narrative and modern literature, the ritualistic views of Lord Ragland are worth mentioning. Despite the fact that Ragland argues that rituals come fi rst and myths second, he denies the existence of any historical foundation in traditional narratives, claiming over and over again that they are based on “antecedent ritual practices”, and not on historical truth (Okpewho, 1983: 47) Consequently, Ragland’s twenty-two main characteristics of the hero described in his book, The Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth, and Drama (1936) stem from this assumption.