chapter  7
Cyber-fatwas, Sermons, And Media Campaigns: Amr Khaled And Omar Bakri Muhammad In Search Of New Audiences
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The spread of the new communications media (information and communications technology, or ICT) and the reduced cost of travel are increasing the mobility of individuals and information, and altering the relationship people have with the space that surrounds them, especially in Europe. In order to evaluate the consequences of the implementation of ICT on the production and diffusion of Islamic knowledge, I have chosen to compare the careers and communication strategies of two Arab interpreters of contemporary Islam who have spent an important part of their professional lives in Europe: Amr Khaled, a young Egyptian preacher who currently lives in London, and Omar Bakri Muhammad, the Syrian leader of a Salafi -inspired movement, al-Muhajiroun, who was also based in the British capital until August 2005, when he moved to Lebanon.