chapter  10
Higher Education and the Public Sphere in Angola
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Introduction African higher education faces “unprecedented challenges” among its 54 countries (Teferra & Altbach, 2004). Even though higher education throughout Africa is a legacy of European colonialism, it is highly underdeveloped, with only 300 institutions meeting the de‹nition of universities. Of course, the education of adults does not take place only in the university sector, but development outside of postsecondary institutions is also lacking throughout much of the continent. Given the state of educational underdevelopment, it is not surprising that there is an enormous, unmet demand for access to higher education. e reasons for these “unprecedented challenges” range across economic, government, and social crises brought about by colonialism, civil strife, and failed states. e postcolonial era for many African nations has created a tumultuous social and economic context wherein higher education development, in particular, has lagged behind other sectors.