chapter  3
Power and Authority in the Creation of a Public Sphere Through Higher Education
Byrough Higher Education BRIAN PUSSER
Pages 20

Introduction In light of contemporary political and economic demands for transformation of the organization and ‹nance of public higher education in the United States, a number of scholars have endeavored to conceptualize the impact of such demands on the possibility of creating a public sphere through higher education (Calhoun, 2006; Giroux, 2010; Marginson, 2007a; Pusser, 2006). is work builds on prior research on the idea of the public sphere more generally (Calhoun, 1992; Fraser, 1992; Habermas, 1962; Mansbridge, 1998) in order to envision a speci‹c space, the university as a public sphere. is challenge takes on additional salience as neoliberal restructuring moves to the fore in U.S. postsecondary institutions, forcing reconsideration of traditional authority relations (McClennen, 2010; Pusser, 2008).