chapter  4
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Clinical Theory and Practice at the Interface of Trauma and


I n this chapter, we revisit the concept of traumatic bereavement. The mas-sive and ever-burgeoning literature on trauma, post-traumatic stress, and its deleterious impact on functioning are the stuff of media reporting, popular culture, and professional interest (Reyes, Elhai, & Ford, 2008; Wiseman & Barber, 2008). The literature on stress and trauma draws from a broad spectrum. At one end are the research findings drawn from basic sciences involving biology, neurochemistry, and neuroanatomy. At the other end of the spectrum are research findings drawing from the social and medical sciences, including sociology, clinical and social psychology, and psychiatry. The sheer mass of information and interest in trauma and post-trauma, along with the tremendous human suffering characterizing those who suffer the aftereffects of traumatic events, make clarifying basic understandings of this field a must for clinicians.