chapter  6
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Therapeutic Work With the Relationship to the Deceased

I n this final introductory chapter* on the Two-Track Model of Bereavement, we demonstrate therapeutic focus on the continuing relationship to the deceased. We clarify how the Track II focus in therapy can be used to orient the clinician’s work with examples of treatment. Earlier, we discussed how one adaptive task or “goal” of mourning is in the domain of biopsychosocial functioning (Track I). The expectation is for the bereaved to live in as full and rich a manner as possible in a reality from which the deceased is absent. In contrast, the adaptive task or goals of working through loss on Track II is to achieve a way to live on with the memories and feelings associated with the deceased. This translates to achieving a connection and accessibility to the complex of mental events associated with the deceased without being trapped there (Rubin, 2000).