chapter  11
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Neuropsychology of Vietnamese Americans

ByDung Ngo, Minh-Thu Le, Phuoc Dinh Le

Vietnam has a long history that spans over 4000 years (Whitmore, 1986; Vets With a Mission, 2007). According to legend, the Vietnamese people are descendants of the Dragon Prince, Lac Long Quan, and the Immortal Princess of the Mountains, Au Co (Taylor, 1983). However, their union was characterized by irreconcilable cultural differences, as Lac Long Quan was of the dragon descendants and Au Co of the fairy lineage. After Au Co laid a 100-egg pouch producing 100 children, the couple mutually agreed to separate and each took custody of 50 children. Au Co took her children to the mountains and highlands, while Lac Long Quan headed toward the lowland areas-the rivers and seas. King Hung, the eldest son, established the Kingdom of Van Lang, which is present-day North Vietnam and the northern region of Central Vietnam (Vets With a Mission, 2007).