chapter  23
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Variation across Englishes: Syntax

ByBernd Kortmann

This chapter will offer a qualitative and quantitative survey of morphosyntactic variation based on the major findings of recent and ongoing research. The backbone of this chapter will be the author’s own research and research agenda (see especially the publications co-authored with Szmrecsanyi), which boils down to a typologist’s interest in cataloguing and trying to account for the observable variation across varieties of English world-wide. The ultimate aim of such an endeavour is to identify correlations, clusters and overall patterns of variation among the morphological and syntactic properties within and across the individual varieties and variety types, and to suggest interpretations and possible explanations, in an attempt at uncovering the wood behind the trees, as it were. Thus questions like the following will be addressed in this chapter:

& Which varieties are most alike concerning morphosyntactic properties they either display or do not display?