Palestinian governance
Against all odds
ByGhada Hashem Talhami
Pages 25

The idea of an Arab Palestinian state dates back to United Nations (UN) General Assembly Resolution, of 29 November 1947, which called for the partition of Palestine among its Arab and Jewish inhabitants. The rejection of this resolution by the Arab members of the UN, acting on behalf of Palestine's Arab population, precipitated the first Arab–Israeli War, of 1948. This war resulted in the signing of a number of armistice agreements by the parties, and the eventual annexation of eastern Palestine by Transjordan and the attachment of the Gaza Strip to Egypt as an administered territory. The first priority of the Israeli occupation regime over both the West Bank and Gaza was to provide safeguards for Israeli military security and the safety of its civilian population in Israeli settlements. Under the Israeli occupation regime, the former legal system in the West Bank and Gaza lost all pretence to independence from the executive branch of government.