chapter  8
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Language Teachers in Foreign Territory: A Call for a Critical Pedagogy-Infused Curriculum

There is a growing body of literature about critical pedagogy and applied critical linguistics in the foreign language education context. 2 Although much of this work has as its focus broad ideological issues and concerns, a number of scholars in recent years have also begun to call for language practitioners to experiment with new, critical approaches to curricula, teaching methodologies, and assessment strategies. As John Edwards notes, “[T]here has, for instance, been a number of recent works arguing for greater and more precise attention to the teaching of foreign languages, and almost all these works stress the importance of the ideological framework within which this occurs. Unlike earlier and more linguistically focused treatments, these latter ones encourage a broader sociolinguistic and sociocultural contextualization” (2010, p. 3). In this chapter, my goal is threefold: first, to lay out a case for why foreign language educators should be concerned with critical pedagogy; second, to discuss how critical pedagogy might be incorporated into foreign language teaching; and third, describe what such efforts might look like in classroom practice.