chapter  5
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Using Appropriate Assessment Processes: How to Get Accurate Information about the Academic Knowledge and Skills of English Language Learners REBEC CA KOPRIvA A ND URSULA SEx TON

The premise of this chapter is that classroom assessment is primarily about informing instruction and that it actively involves and benefits both teachers and students through the use of ongoing assessment activities that include:

• Developing promising instructional situations where inquiry into and exploration of the students’ grasp of the content and concepts is embedded in learning;

• Developing effective ways of asking questions or otherwise obtaining information about the students’ knowledge and skills at particular time points and, if possible, the specific reasons that hamper their learning;

• Implementing the situations and assessment opportunities in a manner that is likely to render reasonably accurate information; and

• Analyzing student responses to inform instruction and inform students about where they need to focus their efforts, what they need to think about differently, or otherwise take next steps in interacting with future learning opportunities.