chapter  10
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The biomechanical basis of injury during childhood: Caroline F. Finch and Dara Twomey


Childhood is a time of rapid growth and development, during which children learn to explore and interact with their environments in new ways. While this is both critical and necessary for healthy child motor development, such interactions with the physical environment can be associated with exposure to hazards that increase injury risk. Other chapters in this book have described different aspects of the relationship between neuromuscular development and chronological age. This chapter explains how these developmental factors can be associated with a risk of injury during childhood sport and physical activity, and demonstrates how biomechanically based interventions can be developed and implemented to reduce this risk. This chapter also includes specific examples of studies that have either identified child sport-/activity-related injury risks that are biomechanical in nature or which have devised solutions based on an understanding of the biomechanical or neuromuscular nature of this risk.