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Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (ADEME) environment and energy economy agency [France]

agence f de financement lending agency

agence f immobilière estate agency Agence f Nationale pour l’Amélioration de l’Habitat (ANAH) national homes improvement agency [France]

Agence f Nationale pour l’Emploi (ANPE) national job creation agancy [France]

agencement m arrangement, layout; conversion [of a building, etc.]

agencements m,pl fittings [equipment, etc.]

agencer vb adjust [a machine], arrange, fit up/together

agent m agent, medium agent m de fixation fixing agent agent m de refroidissement cooling or refrigerating medium

agent m de surface surfactant or surface active agent

agent m délégué sub-agent agent m exclusif sole agent agent m général managing agent agent m humectant dampening medium

agent m immobilier real-estate agent agent m mouillant wetting agent agent m moussant foaming agent agent m oxydant oxidizer agglo† m clinker/concrete block; particle board or (wood) chipboard

agglomérant m binder or binding

agglomération f built-up or urban area, conurbation

aggloméré m agglomerate, conglomerate [stone]; [wood] chipboard, particle board; breeze block

aggloméré m de béton concrete block aggrégation f agglomeration agios m bank charges agitateur m agitator, stirrer agitateur m (à peintures) paint mixer agitation f agitation agrafage m fastening [action or process], stapling

agrafé adj seamed [of metal sheeting], stapled

agrafe f fastener, retaining clip [in inclined metal frame glazing], staple, cavity wall tie, masonry tie

agrafe f (de pierre de placage) clip used for fixing thin stone cladding

agrafe f (de pierre de taille) (masonry) cramp or dog

agrafer vb clip or fasten (together with clips or staples), fix together with a dog or cramp; seam [sheet metal]; staple

agrafeuse f stapler agrafure f roll or welted joint [in roofing, cladding sheets], flat seam [metal roofing]

agrandir vb add to [increase size of], enlarge, increase [sth], open out [a hole]

s’agrandir vb expand, grow larger, increase [get bigger]

agrandir vb en large widen agrandir vb en long lengthen agrandissement m enlargement, enlarging, extension

agréé adj accredited, approved or licensed [architect, specialist subcontractor/installer, etc.]

agréé m en architecture licensed architect [not necessarily qualified]

agréer vb accept, approve agrégats m,pl aggregate [for concrete]

agrégats m,pl apparents exposed aggregate

agrégats m,pl concassés crushed

agrégats m,pl enrobés premixed aggregate

agrégats m,pl exposés exposed aggregate

agrégats m,pl légers lightweight aggregate

agrégats m,pl roulés river aggregate agrégation f binder [fine sand or crushed stone], binding [e.g. of road material]

agrelier m wild service tree agrément m acceptance, approval, consent

Agrément Technique Européen (ATE) European Technical Agrément (approval)

agrès m,pl lifting apparatus/tackle, see also hoisting, etc.