chapter  7
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A Holiday on Ice on Hold? Nature-based Tourism and Climate Change in the Nordic North –


Introduction Outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism have been and still are of great importance for people in the Nordic countries (Hall et al. 2009) (Figure 7.1). Skiing, hiking, bird watching and dog sledging are only some examples of activities that are enjoyed. Natural resources and amenities are therefore an essential part of the tourism product. Tourism, being a business dependent on many factors that the entrepreneur does not control, is constantly affected by demographic, economic, market and technological changes. Furthermore, political decisions and regulations play an important role for the tourism entrepreneur. As climate and weather are resources used by tourism entrepreneurs, climate change will affect the entrepreneurs’ opportunities, possibilities and constraints for development and change (Bürki et al. 2003; Dewar 2005; Saarinen and Tervo

2006; chapter 8 [this volume]). Nature-based tourism is more vulnerable than other types of tourism because it requires outdoor activities in turn dependent on good climate conditions and weather (Scott et al. 2007a, 2007b; Sievänen et al. 2005).