chapter  8
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How Learners Change: Critical Moments, Changing Minds

ByJudy Hardy, Amanda Jefferies

This chapter combines findings from two major studies of the learner experience (the STROLL and LEaD projects) to examine the issue of change and transition. e aim is to help us understand the diÊculties learners face on transition into higher education and at other critical points in their learning journey. Despite nding evidence of high ownership and prior experience of digital technologies on arrival, we see that learners are conservative in their views of the role of technology in support of learning. ey value a blend of online and face-to-face teaching and easy access to online information relevant to their studies. In their rst year, learners report increases in condence, some new skills development in using technology, and show a determination to make the best use of technologies on oer. Monitoring such progression through periods of transition could be one of the ways in which we can conceptualise the dierences o¡en noted between learners in the way they express their experiences of technology use.