chapter  10
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Strengthening and Weakening Boundaries: Students Negotiating Technology Mediated Learning

ByTechnology Mediated Learning Laura Czerniewicz and Cheryl Brown

We have seen that it is o¡en dierences and contradictions in research ndings that challenge us to devise explanatory frameworks. e previous chapters in this part show how such dierences might be explained by the in¸uences of learner development, context and individual dierences. Once again, we have chosen to highlight work that demonstrates a rigorous approach to exploring these problems. In this chapter the authors use the Bernsteinian framework of boundaries to help them interpret data from six years of survey-based research. ey demonstrate how to use this combination of empirical research and a theoretical lens to explore complex issues including: boundaries between, in and out of the curriculum; social and academic uses of technology; and physical and virtual learning environments. Finally, they challenge us to use these ndings to consider the new literacies and practices that learners are beginning to need, and which are explored in Part 3.