chapter  8
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The Olympic documentary and the ‘spirit of Olympism’: Ian McDonald

Towards the end of Sixteen Days of Glory, the official documentary on the 1984 Olympic Games, hundreds of joyous athletes are shown pouring into the packed Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum stadium during the closing ceremony. As they do, the dulcet yet stentorian narrator declares:

And so it was on the evening of August 12th, the sixteen days of glory came to their close. And the young men and women who gave us this daily celebration join together for the last time to say their final farewells. They had entered the arena, made the attempt, and competed with honour. And all of them will go back to their homes the better for it and for these moments there was beauty on this earth. It was left for one poet to write, we have seen the best that is within us. A tribute to all the hope and dreams of our youth. A hymn to the highest form of the human spirit, a hymn to the nations.