chapter  8
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The embodiment of religious culture and exclusionary practices in youth sport: Symeon Dagkas and Tansin Benn

Introduction This discursive chapter will address the issue of the embodiment of religion and culture in sport and physical education. It will explore ways in which religion and culture can lead to exclusion from and through sport, particularly for Muslim girls and young women. The embodiment of everyday religious and cultural practices will be critically examined at their interface with sport participation. The discussion draws on voices from participants in selected research projects, notably the ‘BASS project’1 (Benn et al., 2011a; Dagkas et al., 2011; see also Jawad et al., Chapter 14). The project was conducted in a UK city that is home to almost one in ten of all Muslims in the country and has the second largest population of Muslims, predominantly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage (Abbas, 2006).