chapter  19
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A Photographic Commentary on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Elsa Blum


It is retrospectively impossible to separate my memories of my initial experience of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin from my later thoughts and feelings about both the memorial itself and the images I had captured. I knew beforehand that it would be important for me to photographically record my experience-to make a memorial of a memorial. I ƒrst came upon the memorial during a casual walk, my ƒrst day of my ƒrst trip to Berlin since its completion. I spotted in Potsdammer Platz the sign “.5 Km-Memorial to the Murdered Jews,” written in both German and English, and realized I would have my ƒrst view of the memorial. I had planned to visit the memorial, of course, but not at that time. In retrospect, the goal of photographing the memorial was manifold. I wanted to preserve my experiences, express my feelings about them, and share my responses as ƒltered through my own particular vision.