chapter  15
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Theatrical Models of Fantastic Realism

December 10, 1921 I must propose this to K. S[tanislavsk]y Prologue The curtain opens. The stage represents part of the Moscow Art Theatre dress circle

foyer. A long table, the kind that is usually set for the rehearsals. Behind the table and on benches along the walls sit all the actors

performing The Fruits of Enlightenment, just as they are, that is without makeup and in their usual plain clothes (I think, it would even be better to keep everyday clothes, those usually worn in rehearsals). Except for actors, there may be people not participating in the

production. These can be different people every time-whoever happens to be present at the theatre. Not even actors, perhaps, but stagehands, administration. Sometimes, when possible, Tolstoy’s friends-Chertkov,2 Gorbunov,3 etc. They may also speak. Vladimir Ivanovich [Nemirovich-Danchenko], perhaps. During the rst few performances, Vladimir Ivanovich’s presence

would even be desirable. During the rst performance the entire staff of the Moscow Art Theatre

can be present, that is all groups-studios, stagehands, orchestra, etc.