chapter  17
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Theory and Practice of the Popular Theatre

The art should not lose touch with the people. It should either be with the people, or against the people, but never outside of the people. Theatre is not for the people. It is with the people. An artist should, instead of teaching the people, discern the people’s

soul. An artist should rise up to the people, having understood their height, rather than lifting them up to him; in his arrogance, investing himself with special powers. Apollo-the sky. Christ-the earth. These are the two elements of art. Pagan beauty and Christian love. The eyes, peering up into the illusive heights, and the hand, held out to the real suffering brother. Theatre-creating people are yet to encounter their theatre-creating

artist. The art should meet the people’s soul. The people’s soul, having met

the soul of the artist who beheld the words of the people’s soul, should produce a true universal creation (a myth, perhaps). An artistic striving must seize the word enchained in a people’s

breast. Without the help of an artist, this word will crawl upon the earth, and will never nd its form. It will be trampled by the heavy foot of Time. To achieve his victory, an artist must have his Antaeus’ earth.1 The

People are this earth.