chapter  22
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On the Production of Berger’s The Deluge

On the [role of the] actor. Lonely. A bit overly familiar. Says his monologue gloomily, without

bravado. About thirty-ve. Ten years on the stage.

January 19, 1915

They are all wolves to one another. Not a drop of compassion. Not a drop of attention. Everyone

looks after his own prot. They snatch [it] out of each other’s hands. Disconnected. Drowning in business. Among them, O’Neil has a reputation as a queer sh, but “a smart

man.” One can sense wisdom in his words. Frazer lost his fortune. Beer is about to marry a rich woman for her money. [He is]

Consumed by the desire to prot. Nothing human is left in them. And this is not just today; this is how

it is every day, their entire life. For O’Neil, only bread is sacred (deep meaning-labor, invested in

the bread). [On the role of] Frazer. I don’t have a cent to my name, and this

scoundrel1 is now richer than me. I pounce at everything to ease my heart and vent my anger-to take it out on somebody. Act II is all repentance.