chapter  31
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Fantastic Realism

Vakhtangov works Feast During the Plague at the table. [Vakhtangov:] Today we will attend to the thought, to the text. Let’s

try reading the entire text, selecting important words. Only let’s agree to be serious. Search in stillness. It is possible to discover a pose that lasts an hour. Ruslanov2 speaks the monologue of the Young Man:

Most noble president! May I remind About a man familiar to us all, Of one, whose jokes and entertaining tales Sharp repartees and humorous remarks, Most biting in their solemn gravity, Enlivened our table conversation And drove away the gloom, which nowadays

Infection-our visitor, in‚icts Upon the most brilliant of our minds …

[Vakhtangov] To Ruslanov: Let’s set aside things such as the characteristics of Pushkin’s verse, and the coining of text; let’s rst simply bring the thought to life. We must nd a task. The rst part of the young man’s monologue is addressed to the President of the Feast, the second to everyone present. Simply say the thought, without any ornamentations, but with communication-otherwise the thought won’t convey. Everything will come from the quality of the word “remind.” You must stress “enlivened.”