chapter  13
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Reflections on the WALL research network and future studies of work and learning


This final chapter includes brief reflections on the significance of the WALL network research by the network leader. In addition to the preceding reflections by Bernd Overwien and Stephen Billett, some of the members of the international advisory committee have also published other relevant studies; for example, Kjell Rubenson has discussed the national surveys in relation to other recent surveys of adult learning (e.g. Rubenson, Desjardins and Yoon 2007). It should be noted that, in addition to the materials that continue to be available on the NALL ( and WALL ( websites, several other books have been published. These include overviews of the NALL survey (Livingstone 2002) and case studies (Church, Bascia and Shragge 2008), preliminary summaries of the WALL research in general (Livingstone, Mirchandani and Sawchuk 2008), of the WALL survey (Livingstone 2005), various WALL case studies (e.g. Clark et al. 2007; Choudry et al. 2009; Livingstone 2009; Sawchuk and Taylor 2009; Eichler et al. forthcoming), as well as the most extensive recent annotated bibliography on work and learning (Livingstone et al. 2008). Information on other forthcoming books may be found on the WALL website. For further ongoing CSEW research in this field, readers can consult the centre website