chapter  13
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“I Am Pleased to Accept Your Manuscript”: Publishing Your Research on Child and Adolescent Development

ByLynn S. Liben

Introduction To the outside world, it is probably perfectly plausible that I was asked to author a piece on publishing for this volume. Although I was not privy to the discussion that led to the invitation, it is not hard to guess that it was my editorship of the journal Child Development that lay behind it. At the risk of writing an inappropriately self-aggrandizing introduction to my own chapter, I acknowledge that I have, indeed, had a plethora of editorial experience. Prior to my 6-year editorship of Child Development, I was the associate editor and then the editor of the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (spanning an 18-year period), I was the series editor of the Jean Piaget Society book series for 11 years, and I have served on various editorial boards. In addition, I have given many talks on “how to publish” and have published a variety of articles, editorials, books, and essays over the years.