chapter  4
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Managing Latin America: Historical Semantics and the Logic of Othering


Management, business and organization studies have undergone a reasonable amount of internal and external criticism in the last decades. This criticism has come from a variety of perspectives, including Marxism (Thompson and McHugh 1990), the critical theory of the Frankfurt School (Alvesson and Willmott 1996), feminist theory (Cullen 2001; Acker 1990), postmodernism (Harvey 2001; Thrift 2001), post-structuralism (Sewell and Wilkinson 2001; Miller and O’Leary 2001), postcolonialism (Cooke 2004; Banerjee and Linstead 2001; Frenkel and Shenhav 2006; Prasad 2003) and others (see other chapters in this volume).