chapter  11
Representing visual data in tourism studies publications
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The use of visual materials within tourism research has a long and academic - ally significant history; however visual data can sometimes be difficult to publish because of a number of constraints including the publishing format, the cost of reproducing visuals, and the difficulties involved in obtaining copyright. However, researchers should not be discouraged from engaging in visual research as it offers the opportunity to connect with many of the discourses that inform contemporary tourism studies. This chapter explores some of the barriers and strategies that may be used in the presentation of visual data in publications and is organised into two sections. Section 1 examines some of the practical considerations that need to underpin the use of visual images within the research process, and considers issues such as the ethics and legal requirements of presenting visual data within publications. Section 2 investigates some of the available techniques, considerations and processes that enable moving and still visual images to be successfully utilised within tourism publications and research.