chapter  7
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‘Sporting’ new attractions? The commodification of the sleeping stadium


The literature relating to the many relationships that sport has with tourism has been steadily increasing over the last five years. Undoubtedly, the overwhelming theme in the majority of such studies has principally focused on the economic impacts generated by major/mega sports events (Weed 2006). However, more recently there has been a growing interest in understanding sports structures and sites as significant tourism attractions in their own right (Gammon and Ramshaw 2007; Stevens 2005). Whether it be the home of a hallmark team or stadia associated with particular events, there is clear evidence that many sports structures are becoming an integral part of many destinations’ tourism portfolios (Fairley and Gammon 2005; Gibson 1998; Weed 2008). Whilst the trend for both tourists and excursionists alike to visit such attractions is increasing, there has been little discussion relating to the management of them – along with any deep understanding of the motives and experiences of those that attend.