chapter  4
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A network and culture perspective on organization management


The concept of team is integral to the success of an engineering or construction organization. The idea that a single individual can perform the role of a “Master Builder” in today’s complex operating environment is one that is being replaced with a recognition that project success relies on multiple participants working together to achieve a common goal. In this integrated model, the ability for each participant to integrate individual goals and objectives within the overall success criteria is essential for project success. However, integration of goals may not be sufficient to achieve the level of success desired by the project participants or the project owner. In many of today’s projects, in both traditional facilities and new project types, issues such as environmental sustainability, long-term flexibility, or international partnerships require a new perspective on project solutions. The ability to develop innovative solutions for these projects that exceeds traditional benchmarks is not only necessary, but is essential to the long-term viability of the project participants. Unfortunately, developing innovative solutions that exceed traditional boundaries is not always easy or at the top of the participant agendas.