chapter  14
ByChris Hodgson, Matt Berry
Pages 2

You may also be curious about what the future holds for adventure education and the people who work within the discipline. As professionals ourselves, we often return to this question academically and professionally, as well as individually and socially. It is very common to invest a great deal of our lives and personalities within our chosen field, which means that any change can have a profound impact on us. Obviously, we are no better at predicting the future than anyone else, but as professionals and academics we must endeavour to keep abreast of recent developments and look out for future trends. In some ways, we must take responsibility for shaping the future by actively facilitating change and development. So perhaps we all need to consider what is likely to happen as well as what we would like to see, and whether it is possible to move in a particular direction. In Chapter 1, Pete Bunyan told us of individuals who did just that, and this will continue in the future. One day, a reader of this book may well appear in a history of adventure education. This is an important point, because it illustrates that adventure education will continue to evolve. Our knowledge will never be ‘finished’.