chapter  1
Models and milestones in adventure education
ByPete Bunyan
Pages 19

Our lives are filled with images of adventure; everywhere we look there are links to activities in the outdoors. Adventure seems to be associated with healthy living, success and fulfilment; it has an image that is readily used by businesses and marketing companies to endorse and sell their products. Whitewater kayaking has recently been used to sell indigestion medication, and it seems that you cannot drink certain brands of Australian lager without a surfboard under your arm. Images of adventure enter our lives at an early age, our parents read us The Adventures of Robin Hood and we sit spellbound watching Harry Potter. Adventure seems to be associated with ‘good’, ‘challenge’, ‘endeavour’, ‘success’ and ‘achievement’. It is virtuous to go off adventuring, pitting oneself against nature to become a better person.