chapter  3
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Social Remixing: Art Therapy Media in the Digital Age

ByPenelope Orr

Due to the current age of mixed, remixed, and reused media, brought about by the ubiquitous presence of digital media and our daily interactions with it, it is difficult to understand how digital media should be used in art therapy. The question of what is therapeutic about digital media has become paramount. Many art therapists choose media for art therapy sessions by using an intuitive and experience-based understanding of the media and how it meets clients’ needs. With the rapidly changing nature of digital media, it is impossible for the average person to establish and maintain familiarity with all of digital media’s many forms. Thus, it is important to understand the qualities that all digital media have in common, rather than try to analyze the therapeutic potentials of individual programs and technologies. This chapter provides a discussion of the universal qualities contained within all digital media and highlights the unique benefits digital media has to offer the field of art therapy.