chapter  5
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Groundswell: The Nature and Landscape of Art Therapy

ByPamela Whitaker

Groundswell is an environmental and therapeutic arts education service situated amid a vista of mountains, sea, domestic gardens, agricultural fields, and hedgerows. It inhabits the borderlands between Ireland and Northern Ireland, a landscape imprinted with the myths and legends of Irish culture and the social relations of contemporary Irish history. At Groundswell, a variety of environmental and therapeutic projects link ecology with creative expression. Overall, the activities of Groundswell span organic horticulture and education, art therapy, art therapy supervision, community arts, and therapeutic arts consultation. Within its

service provision, art therapy is incorporated to further the scope of therapeutic and ecologically inspired expression (see Figure 5.1). As the director of Groundswell, I provide these services in conjunction with health, arts, environmental, heritage, and educational providers.