chapter  13
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Beatmaking: Reaching Beyond Art Therapy to Follow the Creative Path of Music With an Introduction by Catherine Hyland Moon

ByLesley Hawley

The inclusion of a chapter on music in a book about materials and media in art therapy might seem curious. The connection between art therapy and a mode of expression not normally associated with the visual arts is historically situated, located within a contemporary context in which artists are more concerned with ideas and finding the best means to investigate and convey them, and less concerned with disciplinary boundaries or the use of artistic mediums as a self-organizing scheme. Today, art is a “diffuse, polymorphous, fluid, and interpenetrating set of endeavors” (Danto, 1996, p. 15). Video, performance art, installation art, and other practices considered to be within the domain of visual

art are not strictly concerned with only that which is visual. Further, artists frequently extend their reach beyond the realm of all the arts to collaborate with community residents, scientists, social workers, politicians, high school students, city planners, and others.