chapter  11
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This do in remembrance of me: Narrative uncertainty and the frothing of contentious identity


This chapter explores the critical and narrative reinterpretation of life story that foments an overflow of incomplete, alternative, and rogue personal and public identities. The de/re/constructive agitation of certainty and the familiar through a practice that periodically reinterprets personal narrative has the potential for stirring up even those certitudes longest congealed, and the power to contest prevailing orthodoxies of social rectitude, politics, and research. Theoretical suppositions are viewed through a filigree of remembrances surrounding a photograph of my confirmation as a member of an Episcopal church in Brooklyn, New York, at the age of 12. And what I am supposing is that the rewriting of personal narrative is an un-naming ritual, a contentious act that resupposes the power of storylines and social expect ations to define one’s life.