chapter  8
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New economic space, policies, and social actors: the development of Kangnam area from urban fringe to the centre of new economy and relational governance NAMjI jUNG

Recently, a line of thought has been developing around the argument that exclusive attention to the state and exogenous forces as determinants of technology region formation might eliminate the important role played by sub-national government and social actors. Just as the regionalists’ accounts are largely mute

about the national context by paying exclusive attention to regional endogenous factors, the state-centric approach may be limited in recognizing the importance of society and social actors. However, in reality, as some statists scholars have pointed out, the state is embedded in a concrete set of social ties which bind it to society and provide institutionalized channels for the continual negotiation and re-negotiation of goals and policies (Evans, 1995, p. 12; zysman, 1977).