chapter  8
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Values in education (2)

ByR. S. Peters

Introduction Ethics and Education, as I admitted in the Introduction, was completed about two years too soon. It had structural defects and, though I would still stand by the basic positions put forward, some of the analysis and argumentation was unclear and lacking in cogency. In this category I would place the analysis of ‘education’ and the deployment of the arguments for worthwhile activities.1 But though I was uneasy and perhaps unguarded at times in suggesting that education is not an activity, it never occurred to me, until I read Glenn Langford’s paper, that this is a major issue about which it is of much moment whether one is mistaken or not. I propose, therefore, to examine first of all what there is to be said for or against the claim that education is an activity. I shall then ask whether anything much depends on what one says about this issue. I shall finally make one or two comments about the issues connected with ‘worthwhile activities’ and objectivity.