chapter  5
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Ausubel’s Assimilation Learning Theory

When Ausubel’s work came to my attention in the early 1960s, the emphasis on the role of concepts in meaningful learning appealed to me; but it took more than three years and six seminars in which Ausubel’s work was emphasized before I began to feel comfortable interpreting his theory to others. His work began to make real sense after a five-day conference2 on concept learning in 1965 at which I had extensive opportunity to talk privately with him. A sabbatical leave during 1965-1966 at Harvard University offered opportunities to study and analyse the work of Jerome Bruner and others. These experiences, and particularly the new interpretations that my students and I were seeing in our research data, led to a growing conviction that Ausubel’s learning theory, especially as presented in his 1968 book, was a powerful model of learning to guide education.