chapter  7
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The Effective Teacher/Manager

As stated in Chapter 2, human beings experience concomitantly thinking, feeling, and acting. This is true for school learners and workers as well as for teachers and managers. I shall consider all of these as learners whether in a “work” context or a school context. The challenge is how to help students and workers integrate in a constructive manner these concomitant experiences. When learners do this successfully, the teacher’s or the manager’s experience is also positive, constructive, and rewarding. I also see managers as teachers in a “work” context and shall call them both teachers. When learners fail to achieve a constructive integration of their thinking, feeling, and acting, both teacher and learners lose, although the loss can be more serious for the learner. In the worst case, the bedlam that can result in the classroom or in the workplace can lead to great teacher or manager frustration or even dismissal from the job.