chapter  13
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A politics of working life


In this Coda, I draw out important themes from the chapters presented in this book and show how they contribute to a platform for practical politics around the regime of time in working life. I develop this position through three steps. First, I underline what seems to be of importance to me. Other readers will find other aspects of this book instructive. Next I add to this overview by reporting on a study that I completed in 2008 in a similar field. This study, like the chapters in this book, was concerned with the question of what kind of politics is possible in our times. Using this study as a bridge, I take this book’s themes, which document what is disturbing with education and work, into a question of time regime. I think it is about time for such a turn, but this does not mean the work presented by the researchers here is no longer up-to-date or of importance. Rather, it is embedded within and preserved in the wider framework provided by the time project.