chapter  3
Technology as Trojan horse: A ‘generation’ of information technology practice, policy and research in schools
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In most countries, that cohort of young people who began their preschool education in the mid-1980s and are now graduating from our universities and colleges, are ‘Generation 1’. They are the first generation to ‘grow up digital’. They are the first generation for whom what we now call ‘e-learning’ has been a common, perhaps significant, part of their schooling experience. Yet much of what we do, and talk about, in relation to this first generation’s use of digital technologies in education is in essence nothing to do with those technologies themselves. It is to do with what could, should, or is being done with them by teachers and by learners. It is about the outcomes of such use rather than the use itself. It is about the ‘hows’, and the ‘whens’, and even more the ‘whys’, and not just the ‘whether’. It is a discussion not about drills, but about holes.