chapter  7
Ethnosensitivity in Time and Space: Critical Hip Hop Language Pedagogies and Black Language in the U.S.
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This chapter has two related goals. The first is to address the daily cultural tension, or cultural combat, that linguistically profiled and marginalized students engage in as they form their linguistic identities in creative and often unexpected (by teachers) ways through their participation in Hip Hop Culture. The second goal is to present a critical language pedagogy while speaking broadly to the field of sociolinguistics about its involvement in language pedagogy, policy-making, and politics. By providing insights of sociolinguistic involvement in language pedagogies, we will be simultaneously addressing ways in which we can interrogate and reverse (rather than merely “suspend” as Bourdieu wrote above) the laws of the dominant linguistic market through the development of critical pedagogies rooted in students’ diverse cultural-linguistic realities, in this case, critical Hip Hop language pedagogies (CHHLPs).