chapter  11
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The merger of health and technology for Europe’s future: Identifying obstacles and achieving a successful E-Health implementation


The European Commission (EC) has set high-calibre aims for the adoption of E-Health in the near future. The benefits promised, including patients’ taking advantage of online processes, health portals and physician web pages and becoming partners in their own health management and redefining the physician-patient relationship, are already realised by medical professionals and citizens. There are relationship, still many barriers posed on their part that limit its rapid adoption. The most prominent ones are fears about spending on technology over health, reach and privacy and, more importantly, trust. This chapter explores existing literature and builds on Fountain’s Technology Enactment Framework in an attempt to suggest ways in which E-Health can be implemented so that the finalised applications both fulfil user requirements and answer medical professionals’ concerns. Thus the reality of E-Health’s many useful applications can override concerns and promote trust in its use.