chapter  16
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Careers in Serbia

ByBiljana Bogic´evic´ Milikic´ and Jelena Zikic

Very few studies have investigated the characteristics of Serbian national culture. One study of the former Yugoslavia (Obradovic´, 1982) classified Serbian culture within the group of pre-industrial cultures, which is present mainly in agrarian countries. Such cultures are based on the implicit assumption about limited resources-everything that is valued (e.g. land and wealth, as well as power, position, friendship, love, health, honor and intelligence) is limited. Since the resources are limited, they cannot be increased but rather only redistributed among the members of the society. This assumption explains why egalitarianism, which assumes equality in distribution within any social group, is one of the major values of Serbian culture (Županov, 1985). Egalitarianism is also directly opposite to competition, which is not welcome, and in this way served as a strong base for the strengthening of communism in Serbia.