chapter  3
18 Pages

Neurophysiology of gustatory receptor neurones in Drosophila

ByTeiichi Tanimura, Makoto Hiroi, Tsuyoshi Inoshita, Frédéric Marion-Poll

In this chapter, we will discuss the anatomical, neural and molecular basis of gustation in Drosophila. In the past, thanks to the considerable genetic background accumulated over the years, this insect has played a major role in the understanding of many physiological functions. However, its small size has limited the development of more detailed studies involving biochemistry or electrophysiology. The power of the genomic tools available now has tremendously stimulated research, especially since the sequencing of its genome and the discovery of a family of putative taste genes

(Clyne et al., 2000; Dunipace et al., 2001; Scott et al., 2001). Here, we describe some of our recent results obtained with this model animal, by combining electrophysiological, behavioural and genomic approaches to better understand the physiology of peripheral taste receptors.